Laptop Virus Removal

Laptop Repair services can search and eliminate all virus’ and security threats your laptop has. You may not know you have a virus, they intentionally run unseen in the background. We will get rid of those frustrating pop-ups and hidden key loggers! Complete Virus Removal starts from $89 and usually take 1 business day.

Laptop Data Recovery

We offer professional data recovery services. We can recover data or back up your laptop hard drive and transfer all your personal data such as Documents/Pictures/Audio/Video files on to a external drive or optical media. Prices starts from $80 Schedule your service today!

Laptop Screen Replacement

Whether you have a fractured screen, overcooked backlight, or your LCD is simply not turning on and you have no idea what to do, our laptop LCD repair technicians will fix your broken LCD screen, and we’ll usually do it in less than 48 hours! For generic laptops cost including parts and labor starts from $120

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Does your laptop only run with the battery or does your DC Jack feel loose? DC Jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and will loosen under normal wear and tear. We repair DC Jacks to a higher standard than the original manufacturers.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

One or more keys fell off the laptop keyboard and you are not sure how to put them back? Don’t worry, we will install new one for under $50.

Laptop System Reload

Are you having unknown popups when you browsing web? Do you got viruses and spyware? Is your notebook or laptop crashing all the time with blue screen? Is desktop slow? Is your operating system  frequently having a blue screen error? All these symptoms are informing that your laptop got possible operating system and registry failure. We can restore or re install your laptop with stable, 100% functioning system after our repair without losing your data. Also we can downgrade or upgrade your operating system to Windows XP Pro or Home, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Linux.

Laptop Hardware Upgrade

Memory (RAM) Upgrade – Increase your computer speed and overall performance by installing more RAM. Hard Drive / Storage Upgrade – Upgrade your storage space to hold more data and music files. This includes: internal or external hard drive, Blue Ray or DVD burner. 

Laptop Airflow and CPU Heatsink

Does your notebook over heat then turns off on its own? It may be time to have your cooling system checked out. This is an low-cost repair that can save you from having to replace your motherboard someday. Full clean up and airflow including new CPU Thermal paste just $80. Schedule your service now!

Laptop CPU Fan Replacement

Your laptop can overheat for any number of reasons. The most common one is fan issues. When enough dust, dirt and the general detritus of life gets sucked in to the fan, it can clog the input ports or gum up the bearings. If the fan not spinning, the air not flowing freely. And if the air not flowing, internal parts  are not getting cooled all the way through, leading to localized hot spots. It becomes a vicious cycle: the worse the fan performs, the hotter your laptop or netbook gets. Replacing CPU Fan on time can save your laptop life!

Laptop Recycling

In an effort to make our environment more greener Laptop Repair Services started to offer FREE laptop recycling/disposal services to all of its clients and extend it nationwide. Remember, all your personal data and hard drive will be physically destructed!


  • Acer
  • Gateway
  • eMachines
  • Apple
  • ASUS
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Fujitsu
  • Lenovo
  • MSI
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba


Denver Laptop Repair was created by three engineers who have degrees in Radio Electronics & Computer Science Engineering. Team members contribute in the system and network administration and tech support jobs.

Whether your mobile computer or laptop is running slow or not turning on Denver Laptop Repair can get you up and running. There is no reason to buy a new computer when you can fix or upgrade your current laptop at a portion of the price of purchasing new.


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